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Build Wealth

We all know that any money in our pocket gets spent immediately. You always have a feeling of running short of cash. Then how do you build wealth?

Answer is simple – save first and then spend.

We recommend you to start systematic investment plans (SIPs) of top performing equity / balanced mutual funds to build wealth. A fixed amount of money gets debited to your bank account automatically every month creating forced saving for you. In few months, you will see your money pot growing and then you will start enjoying the process!

This is what your elders always recommended

SIPs help you in multiple ways:

Leveraging Power of Compounding: Returns generated by your investment further get reinvested and start generating more returns.

Tax Free Wealth: If you remain invested for more than 1 years in equity schemes, then no tax is payable on withdrawals as per current income tax laws.

Lower Market Risk: Investing at regular intervals reduces your risk as compared to one-time investment, as you are investing even when markets are down, which reduces your average cost of investment.

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Save Tax

Tax saved is money earned!

Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) are great ways to save tax, as you earn tax free returns along with tax saving. Key features:

  • Lock-in for only 3 years against mostly 5 years for other tax saving avenues
  • Returns generated by the investment are also tax free
  • Money is invested in equity instruments

Tax saving mutual fund schemes have generated superior returns in the past as the lock-in for 3 years enables the fund managers to manage the investment process better.

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Plan for Retirement

Retirement may seem far away but believe us, time flies away! Investing in a retirement plan will ensure you gradually build a kitty to take care of you after retirement. You can also choose how the money will be invested – whether in debt or equity or a combination.

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Save For Children

Elders always want to leave their legacy for their grand children in the form some gift. No better way than buying plans specifically created for this purpose.

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Make money in current account earn for you. Our special plans let you invest even for a day!

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Regular Income Plan

Invest your funds in safe schemes with monthly dividends to provide you regular income. Recommended for investment horizon of few months to 1-2 years.

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Better than FD

Park your short term surplus funds in tax efficient arbitrage funds!

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